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Jamey Quelle

Southwest Missouri Area Business Manager

(417) 429-6017 (mobile)
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Eric engages with Missouri manufacturers to identify the challenges that they face and determine which solutions will most effectively help them meet those challenges. Eric works with companies operating in the Southwest Missouri region, from the Greater Springfield Area to Joplin.

With degrees from Crowder College and Missouri Southern State University, 30 plus years of experience working for two manufacturing companies in Southwest Missouri, strong customer service and relationship-building ideas, Eric is dedicated to providing valuable experiences for clients.


During Eric’s 29 years at EFCO Corporation and three years at Wintech Incorporated, he held positions in drafting and design, bill of materials development, team leadership, engineering management, project management, product development, product management, as well as sales and marketing. Eric is uniquely qualified to hear, understand and effectively evaluate the potentials for business improvement.

Eric enjoys a variety of motorsport-related hobbies, loves the relaxation of enjoying our U.S. national parks and is continually learning new respects for our men and women of the military having a son in the United States Marine Corps.