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There are a wide variety of tools, techniques and “best practices” that a company like yours can use to identify and eliminate waste, reduce variation and improve your processes. Lean Enterprise and Six Sigma are just two examples of highly effective change management systems.

It is, however, your company’s quality management system that provides a foundation upon which these systems work and a means of using them to maintain a culture of continuous improvement for your company.

Reasons for a Recognized Quality Management System

The first reason is rather simple. Your company is part of a large OEM supply chain and your customer requires that you have a quality management system certification (usually ISO, AS or TS) in order to even qualify to bid on projects.

The second reason is more complicated. It requires that you, as a leader of your company, understand how a quality management system brings a discipline and a set of common goals, objectives and rules to govern the processes throughout your entire operation.

Your adherence to this disciplined approach to business is fundamental to creating and maintaining a culture dedicated to eliminating waste and reducing variation. And, conforming to internationally recognized and agreed upon Management System Standards can give your organization a proven model, based on state-of-the-art “best practices,” to follow in establishing and operating your Management System.

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Valves, Value & Victory - An ISO Success Story from Missouri Enterprise on Vimeo.

Missouri Enterprise Quality Management System Services

  • Basic Quality Concept Training
  • Audits, Gap Analysis and Pre-Certification Assessment
  • Management System Documentation and Training
  • ISO Certification Assistance
  • Internal Auditor Training
  • CE Mark Compliance
  • Supplier Assessment/Development

Whatever your need, you will find an experienced Missouri Enterprise “Quality” specialist ready to join your team.

To help you get started, your Missouri Enterprise Area Business Manager  will evaluate your company’s individual situation and present a no obligation proposal and cost quotation.