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In surveys of manufacturers of all sizes, in urban and rural areas, finding and retaining workers with the right technical skills and work ethics is a consistent challenge. And, in today’s transitional time, with older employees increasingly leaving the workforce, this task is even more difficult.

Missouri Enterprise, as the state’s premier provider of business optimization services, partners with educational institutions, workforce investment boards and state agencies and can help a company develop a plan that

  • Attracts top talent at all levels of the organization;
  • Continually trains your workforce;
  • Partners with local government and/or educational institutions as appropriate;
  • Reduces turnover; and
  • Prepares your workforce to learn and adapt to new technology.

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Missouri Enterprise is a leader in Training Within Industry (TWI).  TWI is a dynamic, learn-by-doing approach that is specifically geared for company leaders and managers.  The four modules of TWI are:

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And, Missouri offers a wide range of training/implementation programs that can be brought to your facility on a schedule that minimizes interference with your company’s work schedule. These include:

Professional Development and Leadership Training

Foundations of Leadership

Having the skills to support, motivate, inspire and move people into action is essential for a person in a leadership position.  Foundations of Leadership reviews: what Leadership is, different leadership styles, team dynamics, addressing conflict, organizational culture differences between a Lean vs Traditional Management approaches, and providing feedback on performance evaluations and coaching for performance.  This is a full-day course covering the basic elements that make for successful leaders and supervisors.

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Communicating for Leadership Success (a DDI course)

Communicating for Leadership Success is a half-day course for up to 15 supervisors/leaders. This class will enable learners to:

  • Enhance their performance as leaders who achieve results through others as they build stronger relationships with their teams and others.
  • Realize business benefits as well as benefits to themselves as leaders from anticipating and meeting the personal and practical needs of those with whom they interact.
  • Plan for interactions more successfully, in person and virtually, so that their efforts and those of their teams are increasingly focused, efficient, and impactful.
  • Enrich the feedback that they provide to others.

In an increasingly complex and fast-paced work environment, leaders often fail to see the impact their interactions with others have on their success as leaders, their job satisfaction, or the success of the business. Meeting ambitious deadlines and maintaining operational metrics can overshadow being aware of people’s “human” needs.  In Communicating for Leadership Success, participants learn when and how to use interpersonal skills that will enable them to prepare for, lead, and participate in a variety of crucial interactions with management, their peers, and their team members.

DDI (an entry level-front line leadership training)

Frontline managers are the individuals who connect strategy to execution within an organization and are responsible for supervising the majority of the workforce. These leaders are the defining factor between success and failure of an organization. Consider the following statistics:

  • One in three employees said they don’t consider their boss to be effective
  • One in two employees have left a job to get away from their manager

These statistics aren’t surprising considering that 60% of frontline leaders have never received training for the role. Many were selected because of their excellent technical skills and/or being a top performer in their work. There is a way for leaders to develop into the skilled and effective boss that employees respect and want to work for thru attending DDI workshops.  With over 30 topics available we can customize a leadership development training solution to meet your specific workplace needs. Popular workshops include: Communicating for Leadership Success, Coaching for Peak Performance, Your Leadership Journey, Building and Sustaining Trust, Resolving Workplace Conflict, Developing Yourself and Others and Driving Change.

 To help you get started, your Missouri Enterprise Area Business Manager will evaluate your company’s individual situation and present a no-obligation proposal and cost quotation.

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