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By Amy Susan, Communications & Marketing Manager

For our #ThursdayThought we pose this question: how has Amazon changed manufacturing? We could probably come up with multiple answers, but we are focusing on a specific area -- the SUPPLY CHAIN. One thing is for certain -- rapid delivery is here and customers will NEVER go back. 

Case in Point: A customer places an order for a new garden hose on Monday. She expects a box to be on her front porch by Wednesday. If customer does not receive the package, she checks her email to track the package and then watches it "live" as it moves from destination to destination until it arrives safely at her home. At that point, she can finally put her phone down. 

This is the world we live in now, and there is no stopping it. And even though most manufacturers do not often sell straight to the paying customers, they are still part of this expedited process. This "on time" demand for products causes major pains for those producing the goods, storing them, and shipping them. It requires the supply chain to be flexible, dynamic, traceable and ACCURATE. Here is a podcast we follow "Manufacturing Talk Radio" where they dive into this topic and interview a tech company who is trying to help small to med. size manufacturers improve their inventory and supply chain by turning to ... ding, ding, ding.. TECHNOLOGY. Check it out:

So, now that you are interested in learning more, what are the next steps? We are here to help through a few different ways. You can learn more by attending one of our upcoming Lunch N Learns on digital transformation (see below) OR you can take us up on a no--cost "Digital Manufacturing Assessment" where we will come to your facility and look for ways to onboard more technology and replace some of those manual processes. Links below:

Lunch N Learn: Digital Transformation in the Workplace - St. Joseph, Feb. 11, 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Lunch N Learn: Digital Transformation in the Workplace - Springfield, March 9, noon - 1:30 p.m.

At Missouri Enterprise, we work with companies to identify ways to implement more technology to solve problems and gain a competitive edge. Connect with your Area Business Manager to learn more!

Want more tips for first-time users on how to handle industrial robots? Download our “Manufacturer’s Guide to Robotics”.

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