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Highlights the impact of the industry as well as its growing food production sector

Columbia, Missouri, Oct. 1, 2019 -

Missouri Enterprise joined Columbia City Mayor, Brian Treece, to celebrate his signing of a city proclamation, designating Oct. 1, 2019, as Manufacturing Day in Columbia.

“We may predominantly be a university city, but manufacturing plays an important role in our community. From small operations like Bee Seen Signs to global companies like 3M, Columbia is home to dozens of manufacturers that support our economy and provide jobs to thousands of residents,” said Treece. “Columbia is a great place to start or grow a manufacturing company: we have the workforce that can take manufacturing to the next level; we are centrally located and can quickly move product to customers or connect with suppliers; and our strong research community, at the university, is a fantastic asset for companies embarking on product development and innovation.”

Manufacturing in Columbia continues to grow. In fact, manufacturing employment in the Columbia MSA increased by 29 percent in 2017 when compared to 2014. In total, 5,221 people in the Columbia MSA work in manufacturing. However, as communities like Columbia across the nation totter towards full employment, more and more manufacturing jobs go unfilled, preventing further growth in the industry.

(Caption: April Schmidt, Amy Susan and LauraLee Rose of Missouri Enterprise join Columbia Mayor Brian Treece to celebrate the signing of the Manufacturing Day proclamation.)

“Manufacturing serves as the bedrock for nearly all other industries in the state. Its success and future rely on this next generation of workers, which is what Manufacturing Day is all about. It is a rewarding feeling to see a student captivated at the notion that we make things in Missouri and that technology is often at the forefront of that production. This new generation wants to be a part of something special and know they are making a difference while working in careers where technology is at their fingertips,” said Dusty Cruise, president and CEO of Missouri Enterprise.

“We are especially proud of our growing food manufacturing sector and how it is tying in more science and innovation, which improves its ability to recruit talent. We point to success stories like Beyond Meat and Aurora Dairy – who provide upward-moving careers while instituting more technology on the front and back end,” says Treece. Watch Treece’s video statement below.


Columbia joins dozens of communities throughout the state to celebrate Manufacturing Day. According to the national Manufacturing Day website, there are already 83 planned events taking place throughout the month in Missouri where manufacturers are inviting members of the public, especially students and their parents, to their facilities to show off their careers and products. View the growing list of communities issuing local proclamations on

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