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Supplier Development

By Ik-Whan Kwon, Ph.D.

Ik-Whan Kwon, Ph.D is the Professor of Supply Chain Management, Director Emeritus at Center for Supply Chain Management Studies Saint Louis University and Member, Missouri Enterprise Board of Directors

Everyone talks about supply chain as if it is a panacea that will solve all managerial problems. More so for small and medium size enterprises, as they lack resources to implement the complex supply chain strategies compared with some of their big “brothers and sisters.” Implemented correctly, supply chain operations indeed create extra value for companies, according to research published in academic as well as trade journals. The same studies also shed a light on how hard it is to implement supply chain in the right way. More than half of the efforts fail for many reasons.

by Rick Prugh, Missouri Enterprise

To help reduce the enormous capitalization costs associated with building new nuclear power plants, several companies are designing small modular reactors (SMRs). These smaller reactors are designed so that modules can be manufactured in factories and shipped to the site for assembly, which is a more cost-effective solution than constructing the majority of the power plant on site.