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By Amy Susan, Communications Manager

With the great wave of baby boomers reaching retirement age, employers throughout the nation are struggling with ways to appeal to the new generation of workers. Millennials/Generation Y and iGen are very different. They want different things from their job – and in return, they offer a completely new set of skills to their employer. We are here to help bridge the understanding and prepare manufacturers for this new generation of workers.

We are excited to partner with Metropolitan Community College-Kansas City, Northland Clay County EDC, St. Louis Community College, and Columbia REDI to announce two new one-hour informational sessions that are part of our Workforce Solutions workshop series. Recruiting & Retaining Millennials, Part 1 & Part 2 (each 1-hour sessions) provides insight into the emerging worker persona to help position manufacturers to better attract and retain them as team members. Each session is $15 and includes a meal. Be sure to register for Part 1 and Part 2 by clicking on the dates below.

Part 1 – An Overview of Emerging Workers
Why is the makeup of your workforce becoming more important?
What are the groups that currently make up the USA workforce?
What defines a Millennial?
What drives Millennials?


Part 2 – How to Adapt and Attract
Review of Millennials wants and needs.
How to appeal to and hire Millennials.
Changes to your operation that would keep the Millennial workforce from leaving.
Millennial question and answer/preferences with area students.


To help manufacturers think outside the box to address workforce challenges, we are also holding a number of other workshops throughout the state including:

*Lean Leadership: Developing Supervisors/Managers that Improve Retention
*An Introduction to Cobots & How They Can Fill the Workforce Gap
*Strategic Automation: Gaining An Edge in Manufacturing W/Robots
*How to Monopolize on Manufacturing Day to Enhance Future Recruitment
*Four-Part Continuous Improvement Series (Value Stream Mapping, Leadership, Lean, Product Development)