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By Dusty Cruise, Missouri Enterprise President & CEO

Manufacturing Day is right around the corner and will be celebrated during the month of October nationwide. Missouri Enterprise is excited to be a part of this growing event and we look forward to highlighting many of the activities taking place throughout the Show-Me State.

There are nearly 6,000 manufacturing companies in Missouri and they contribute $36.28 billion or 13.1 percent of the Total Gross State Product, creating wealth for the more than 260,000 people directly employed in manufacturing and the many more whose livelihoods are indirectly supported by the industry. Also—did you know that manufacturing jobs pay on average $10,000 more than the state’s average annual wage? Manufacturing is vital to Missouri’s economy and Manufacturing Day is an excellent way to recognize that.

It’s also a growing industry with a growing need for skilled workers such as engineers, accountants, supervisors, managers, marketing professionals, global relations, IT experts and others. Through efforts like Manufacturing Day, we want to highlight this industry as one of the TOP sectors offering numerous good-paying careers.

This year, we are asking manufacturing companies, local officials such as county commissioners, mayors and city managers, and schools to get involved in the celebration. Whether it’s issuing a local proclamation to designate a certain day in October for manufacturing, hosting a school assembly and inviting a local manufacturer to speak to your students, or opening your plant up to the public to show today’s manufacturing facility--- consider doing something in honor of manufacturing during the month of October. We have a web page dedicated to Manufacturing Day and want to hear from you about your event. Click here to learn more. You can also visit the national Manufacturing Day website at to register your event as well as get more ideas on how to make sure it is successful.

Check out all of the Missouri events registered on the national Manufacturing Day website.